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Notice on Adjusting Postgraduate Teaching and Cultivation in the 2020 Spring Semester

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Dear colleges and graduate students:

In the special period of prevention and control of the new pneumonia epidemic, postgraduates are delayed to return to school. After school research, it is decided to appropriately adjust the teaching and training of postgraduates in the spring 2020, as follows:

1. The results of the last semester of graduate public courses and professional courses will be announced in the graduate management system of our university. Graduate students can log in to the system to query. The off-campus login system must be accessed through VPN. For details, see the related information center notice:

2. Postgraduate public courses and professional courses are appropriately postponed, and further notice will be given according to the time of student return to school. All Colleges should prepare for class scheduling in advance, and the form of professional courses can be appropriately adjusted according to the time of students returning to school.

3. After returning to the school, graduate students should pay close attention to the timetables of the graduate schools and colleges to check the timetable. Postgraduates who cannot return to the school in time due to epidemic prevention and control should make other arrangements for this semester course.

4. The organization method and completion time of the dissertation of the graduate students who are going to graduate, and the thesis defense, can be adjusted appropriately according to the prevention and control of the graduate epidemic situation and the actual return time to school.

5. In addition to the degree meeting will hold in late June, the school may consider holding an additional degree meeting based on the postponed start time.

6. If you have any questions, you can consult the Graduate School. By February 13, you will inquire by email: After February 13, you will inquire by office telephone: 0351-6018874.

Graduate School

February 1, 2020

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